December 8, 2007


How can I say I love you

When words are never enough?

How can I stay strong for you

When life gets goin' tough?

How could I have fooled you

Into believing I'm so strong

When inside all there is

is everything going wrong?

How can I tell you how much I care

without everything going up in smoke

Without a tear running down my cheek

One for every word I spoke.

4 Words:

Kenz said...

thanx for leaving me the comment. the first three days of last week were so hard for me. i was stressed because of the teachers and worrying about my dad. he didn't seem the same. he was so depressed and he never talked to me anymore or anything.

i was thinking about going to sleep and never waking up. and when i told my friend she freaked. she told our counselor and i had to sign a safety contract and i cried for the rest of the day. i didn't even go to my last period cuz they called my mom and she bought me ice cream and took me home. it was the first time i had ever seen my dad really cry. i'm not mad at her, i mean she did the right thing, i really think it was just the stress of being in a new school and homework and teachers and friends and missing u guys and unpacking and everything that it jut got overwhelming. i mean on thursday i was feeling great, until they called me to the counselor's office. it actually made me see my life in a whole different light and i thank her for that. i will probably want to cry about it in the near future when i go talk to a counselor and phyc. guy. i will definitely call you. thanx for being my shoulder to cry on. i will be yours anytime.

Kenz said...

i know it hurts so much to not be able to confide in anyone, but i know u and bree and markki are always there for me. thanx for that. i mean i don't feel that way anymore, but my parents are always on my back now. i mean sure the attention is nice at times and my dads not completely depressed and anti social anymore, but they could back up a little. i mean i know it's because they care, but.....god i don't know, i just.......the stress and having to move back and forth and new school again, even though i have friends, it just all got to be too much i guess. and i really can't be mad at her, cuz she's been a really grea friend to me since elementary, but i should have known how much she cared, and that she'd only do what she thought was best. anyway, thanx for being my shoulder to cry on. i. fucking. love. you. period. ifly. :)

Kenz said...

hey tee... u need to write more stuff on here. PLEASE! especially about the snow ball. I'm basically dying waiting to know every single dirty detail. Come on girl, get your butt on here and blog! :D much love.

Kenz said...

how can i not forgive you???? it just felt like more markki and breanna were forgeting me. :,( not you. Love ya. <3